Welcome back! Capturing multiple angles of an event is a key differentiator of Fantag. There are three ways to capture multiple angles at your Fantag-ready event. 

The first can be configured in the event creation page. By clicking the check box under “Allow anyone at the event to record” you are opening up your event to be recorded by anyone attending the event. This is beneficial because someone in the stands may capture an angle of the video that you would not have seen otherwise. This also has the potential to get out of hand if too many people record the event from within the Fantag Mobile App. 

The second option to capture multiple angles is to add more than one Team Video Creator. Also located on the event creation page, you can add as many Team Video Creators as you like. When you get to your event, you can direct your multiple videographers to the perfect locations to capture the action. 

The third and final way to capture multiple angles at an event is to send a multi-camera stream to the Fantag cloud. You can learn how to do that by watching the How to make your live stream Fantag-ready video on our support site.

Congratulations on capturing multiple angles at an event! Time to capture the moments that matter!