Once you've created your team, it's time to create an event. 

1. Click on the + Create an Event link at the top of your team screen

2. Name your Event and choose the sport or category

3. Enter your Location. This is important because it enables your fans to find your event on their mobile apps if they are in or near the stadium.

4. Enter the Start Date and Time of your event.

5. Additional Event Settings

a. Add your Official Team Fantaggers: Only members of your Team can be selected in this drop down. These are people who you are giving the task of creating team highlights for the event. 

b. Add your Team Video Creators: Again, only members of your Team can be selected in this drop down. This allows you to designate people you want to be responsible for taking the official video of your event. 

c. Allow anyone at the event to record: If you select this option, anyone who accesses your event from their mobile apps can contribute to the recording. This allows you to see and share the multiple camera angles from your fans. 

d. Allow fans to create highlights at event: If you select this, the Fantag button will be visible to fans on their mobile phones. If you do not select this, fans can still get highlights, but they will be only those highlights that are tagged and shared by your official Team Fantaggers.

e. Allow anyone to share highlights: If you select this, fans can share team (and customized, if enabled) highlights over social media and email.

f. Allow anyone to download highlights: As you might surmise, if you select this, then your fans can download both team (and customized, if enabled) highlights.

7. If you've added Media Assets you can add them here. If you have not added media assets, you will not see this section on the Event Creation page. For more information on how to add media assets, watch our video called, "How-to Add Media Assets".

6. Click SAVE, and you've created your event!