Where do I go to connect my TeamSnap and Fantag Manager account?

Start by clicking on the drop down where your name is stated. Click profile. At the bottom on the profile page, you’ll see a slider titled “Connect Applications of Services”. Click the slider and follow the TeamSnap authorization prompts.

How do I know if my two accounts linked?

Once you have gone through the login or authorization process in TeamSnap, you will be taken back to the Fantag Manager Profile page and will see a blue bar at the top of the page with the text, “Connected to teamsnap!” The slider at the bottom of the page where it states, “Connected App or Services” should also be in the on position and orange in color.

How do I link a Fantag event to my TeamSnap event? 

Once you have successfully connected TeamSnap and Fantag Manager, it’s time to create an event. Click the Fantag logo in the upper left-hand corner to return to the home screen. Click +Create an Event. After filling out the form with the event name, location and start date and time, adjust your additional event settings accordingly, but the default switches should be sufficient. 

At the bottom you’ll see a slider stating “Send highlights to other apps”. Click the TeamSnap slider. A separate window will appear. Select your TeamSnap team and TeamSnap event to tell Fantag which TeamSnap Live event to send the highlights to. Click Save to close the window and then Save on the Event Creation page to save the event.

Why isn’t my event is showing up in the drop down to select a “TeamSnap Event”...

Once you’ve linked your TeamSnap and Fantag Manager accounts, you or your team manager need to create the event in the TeamSnap app prior to selecting it in Fantag Manager in the Select Event dropdown. 

Fantag Manager is pulling the events created in TeamSnap to populate the dropdown. If no events for your team exist in TeamSnap, there will be nothing for Fantag Manager to look for. 

If I create the event in TeamSnap, will it automatically show up in Fantag Manager?

No. You will need to create the event in both TeamSnap and Fantag Manager. In order to connect the Fantag Manager event with TeamSnap, you or your team manager need to create the event in TeamSnap first and then create the event in Fantag Manager. Find the TeamSnap event in Fantag Manager by moving the “Send highlights to other Apps” slider to the right and link your team and event from the window that appears.