Fantag has teamed up with TeamSnap to bring  video highlights to TeamSnap Live.

To begin, open your TeamSnap app. Click into a live event, and scroll down to TeamSnap Live! 

This will open the TeamSnap Live chat room where you can upload pictures, add text and score update and use Fantag to record the game and capture instant highlights.

Start by clicking the camera icon. The first time you do this, click “Get started with Fantag” and you will be prompted to download the Fantag app, and allow access to your camera, microphone, and location. Once you’ve gone through this process once, the next time you click the camera icon, you’ll be taken directly to the video recording screens.


Follow the prompt to rotate your device to start recording.. You’ll see the name of your TeamSnap game in the upper left hand corner, and directions on how to capture highlights in the bottom right hand corner. To begin recording, press the big red button on the screen. 

Once you are recording, the purple Fantag button will replace the red record button. As soon as a spectacular play happens in your game, press the Fantag button to capture a clip of the last 15-seconds.

Now, I bet you’re wondering where the highlights went after you captured them. To view the highlights, stop recording and then press the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You will be taken back to the TeamSnap Live page. You’ll now see the highlight clips you tagged in the TeamSnap Live chat room.

You will also notice that you now have the Fantag app downloaded onto your device. Open the app and from here you can also view, share and download the highlights you captured from TeamSnap Live by pressing on my highlights, and selecting the event and viewing the highlights.

Congratulation on using TeamSnap Live powered by Fantag! Time to capture the moments that matter!