Advanced settings in Fantag Manager's stream management page is configured on a per Stream basis.  So setting advanced settings on one stream  does not change the others (if/when created).  Advanced Settings should only be utilized in specific situations. Adjusting these settings incorrectly may yield undesired results.  If you have any questions on Advanced Settings, please do not hesitate to contact Fantag Support.

Advanced Settings:

Time Delay : Default 0 seconds.

The Time Delay setting is designed for streams that are being routed through a third party service prior to being sent to Fantag.  This delay allows the Fantag platform to account for the time between live (capture) time and the intermediate site.  For example, if the live video is being sent to a broadcast facility via Satellite and then sent to Fantag from the broadcast facility, the Time Delay would account for the Satellite transmission time  and any processing at the intermediate site. 

A typical Time Delay is be between 2 and 10 seconds depending on the transmission speed and processing time through the intermediate site.  The Time Delay is assumed to be constant for the duration of the stream.