Welcome to Fantag! You may have already created your first team during your initial registration. This video will show you how to create another team. 

Start by clicking on the name of your existing team, in the main navigation bar. In this instance, we are clicking on Sacramento Bears. In the drop down list, you’ll see that we are members or admins of multiple teams, but you’ll see at the bottom of the list is Create a team. Click on this.

If you are a member of someone’s team, and don’t see this Add Team option, that means you don’t have a Fantag subscription of your own. To add a team you will need to either start a trial of Fantag, or subscribe. To do so, head to www.fantag.live.


You should now be on the create a team page. Begin by typing in a team name. Your new team can be named whatever you like, but make sure to name it something that will be recognizable to your fans. 

Once you have a name filled in, select the category. We’ve done our best to include every sport, but if you don’t see your sport or this event is something other than sports, you can select other at the bottom.  

Once you have selected your category, click save.

Now you can begin creating events for this team. And remember, if you ever want to go back to your other team or create another team, just click you team name drop down in the navigation bar.

Congratulations on creating a team! Time to capture the moments that matter.