Welcome back! So you’ve created a team, but as we know, there is no I in team. So you need to add some team members. Team members can be friends, family, department admin, etc. These are people that will either be helping make your events Fantag- ready or just want access to the content you produce.

From your Team page, click on the membership tab in the sub navigation bar. You’ll see that this page is pretty sparse. That’s okay. 

Click the Invite new member button. This will bring you to the invitation screen. Proceed to fill out the form entering the full name and email address of the invitee and whether or not this person will be an account administrator. Giving a member admin access will allow that person to create events for your team, share content, create highlight reels, and invite other team members. If a member does not have admin access he or she will only be able to view the videos, highlights, and highlight reels you have already created. They will not be able to create events, or invite other members to your team. Once you have entered this information, click invite. 

You’ll notice that the invite will show up below in the pending invites section. This person will stay here until they accept the invite. All your invitee needs to do is accept the invite in their email and follow the prompts to either register or sign in with their existing Fantag account.

Congratulation on inviting a new team member! Time to capture the moments that matter.