Fantag allows a user to capture video through the Fantag mobile application. However, there are times when you want to use other cameras or recording devices.  Fantag fully support this scenario for Fantag Manager team events.  In order to connect a camera or capture device to Fantag, you must pass the video (each stream or camera angle) through a software or hardware encoder.  Example of software encoders include WireCast and OBS.  Example hardware encoder includes TriCaster and Teradek.

Connecting to the Fantag Platform is very straight-forward:

  • Make sure you have created the a Team event on the Fantag mobile app or within Fantag Manager.
  • From Fantag Manager, select the event, and press the Streams button
    • Note, you must be a videographer for the event or a team admin to see the Streams button.

Once you have selected the Streams button, there are 3 steps to follow:

  1. Run Speed test and choose Resolution settings - The speed test will give you an indication of  your upload performance.   Based on your speed test, you can determine which will be the best resolution and bitrate values to configure within your encoder.
  2. Press the Add Stream buttonto generate Unique Connection ID - this value includes an Address (URL) and a Stream Id (stream name). 
  3. Copy and Paste Connection ID into your encoder setup - You set the encoder for RTMP streaming and then fill in the Address and Stream ID in appropriate fields within the Encoder setup.

Suggested Resolution and bitrate settings based on upload speed test:

Note, if you have multiple camera angles, you need to divide the upload speed by number of camera angles sending to Fantag

Insufficient Bandwidth

Below 1.5mbps upload speed

Unable to capture quality live video to Fantag

Low Upload Speeds

Between 1.5 mbps and 2mbps upload speed

Resolution: 1280x720  (720p)

Bitrate: 1000 kbs

Medium Upload Speeds

Between 2mbps and 4mbps upload speed

Resolution:  1280x720  (720p)

Bitrate: 1500 kbs

High Upload Speeds

Greater than 4mbps upload speed

Resolution:  1280x720  (720p)

Bitrate: 2000-3000 kbs

Other important things to note:

  • Fantag is optimized for horizontal 16:9 video content, so we strongly recommend using a resolution that is 16:9.
  • A keyframe interval value of 1 is desired, but no more than 2
  • Frames per second (fps) should be 30 (or less)
  • Make sure you have the proper values filled in for the Address and Stream Id.
  • Make sure the Event location is correct ... otherwise no fans at the event will be able see the event.
  • A new and unique connection id is required for each event and each camera angle you send to Fantag.  
  • You cannot re-use a connection id at another event.
  • Every encoder requires a unique connection id.  You cannot share a unique connection id with multiple encoders
  • When the event is over, go back into the Fantag app and end the event (from the "Events I Created" tab in the "ME" section) or within the events page on Fantag Manager.
  • If anything goes wrong, best to start over ... generate a new unique connection id.
  • Once you are up and running, go into the Fantag app and fantag a moment.  Verify the moment plays back correctly.