Events can be easily created or edited through the Fantag application.  In order to create a Fantag event, you first need to download, install and login into the Fantag mobile application.

Once in the mobile app, creating a personal event is simple. Tap the + (plus sign) in the upper right part of the app on either the "Live Events" screen or the "Me" screen.

You will then select if this will be a "Public" or "Private" event. Anyone within a mile of your location will be able to see a public event, while a private event will be personal to you only.

Once you choose, you will be taken to the recording interface and prompted to rotate your screen and begin recording. The purple Fantag button will appear once you begin recording.

NOTE: You cannot edit the event name until the event is ended. Then you can rename the event to make it easier for you to find later.